Licorice a miniature fullblood Lowline Angus bull, had a birth weight of 27 pounds and was only 19” tall. Now mature at only 37 inches tall.


Licorice (mature)

ALR reg. # 5918


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We offer miniature cattle in a range of sizes to meet most everyone's interest, with very small pet size cattle to classic size beef production oriented cattle.  

All from high quality registered stock.


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There maybe as many reasons to own miniature cattle as there are miniature cattle owners. It varies from as simple as, an acceptable size pet cow to keep the grass under control, to the practical use of ones limited resources to produce wholesome beef or milk for the family. Including the added benefit of “homegrown”, “organic”, “back to mother nature” basics, that many of us are so far removed from today. Where we know “the whole story”, behind what our animals are fed, how they have been treated, and do not have to rely on the production driven supply chain. All while re-establishing our connection with reality, nature, and our roots. Whether its for you, your children, or your grandchildren, its important to understand that our food supply doesn’t just come from the supermarket. The more we all come in contact with the reality of our food supply, the less likely we will be misguided by a commercial production, profit oriented food supply system. You will have a whole new understanding of “Earth Day” when you have had many “earth days” to relate too.

Our goals have been driven simply by efficiency within a grass based pasture system, limited use of antibiotics (if they’re sick they get treated), selection for mild temperament, and use of the best available genetics to accomplish these goals.

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